Cultural Center – Thomas Mann Villa in LA

On 18 June 2018, the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier opened the former villa of the German writer Thomas Mann in Los Angeles. The restored villa is to serve as a cultural centre from now on. For Frank-Walter Steinmeier, it should be an alternative "White House" in which people can think ahead and discuss.

In mid-2016 the villa in the Californian noble suburb Pacific Palisades, threatened by demolition, was up for sale. The German government decided to buy the nearly 500 m2 Bauhaus-style villa for 13 million dollars and thus saved it from destruction. A further five million dollars were spent on the restoration, which in places was true to the original.

From the RP-ISO-FINELINE series, around 20 inward-opening tilt and turn windows, outward-opening hinged windows and French windows were installed, fitting perfectly into the existing architecture.

In addition, around 20 RP-ISO-hermetic 70 outward-opening doors and inward-opening windows were also installed.

The Mann family initially lived in exile in Princeton on the east coast of the USA and moved to Pacific Palisades in 1941, where they at first lived in a rented house.

At that time Thomas Mann built the villa in Pacific Palisades, San Remo Drive number 1550 according to his own ideas by the German architect Julius Ralph Davidson.

Mann Villa Los Angeles Design Stahl Fenstersytem Rp Fineline 70W Gesamt