More room - more light

More space to live

Appreciated since the late Gothic period and an indispensable part of English housing estates, bow windows – depending on your point of view – perform different functions: Inside the building they provide additional space and natural light from different directions. They give rhythm and structure to facades. And with the rp fineline system line they become a visual point of reference. As the filigree, but high load-bearing steel profiles not only provide the utmost in design freedom, but also in tangible window surface.

flooded with light

The rp fineline profile system combines a minimalist appearance with the load-bearing capacity of the material steel: Consequently, it is possible to implement floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces as well as almost invisible window openings. And thanks to a free choice of colours and five glazing strip designs, the combination with richly decorated, listed parapets is also a success. This is how bow windows are created that characterise new and existing buildings alike.

Stylistic element

Le système de profilés rp fineline allie minimalisme et viabilité de l’acier : ainsi, des surfaces vitrées jusqu’au sol peuvent être également réalisées comme ouvertures de fenêtres quasiment invisibles. Grâce au libre choix des couleurs et aux cinq designs de parclose, ils peuvent être intégrés dans des balustrades richement ornées de bâtiments classés. Les baies vitrées caractérisent ainsi les constructions neuves comme les bâtiments existants.

Product advantages

Nostalgic fittings or modern, straight handle lines

Profile systems for thermally insulated and non-insulated bow windows

Narrow face widths

Various window types and opening types:

Turn windows, tilt/turn windows, top-hung windows as well as lowering and projecting top-hung windows (opening outwards), double casement windows and pivot windows

rp fineline 70W

Extremely slim steel window and partition wall design system

Resistance under wind load
≤C5 / B5
Air permeability
Impact strength
Burglar resistance
RC2 (turn/tilt, fixed glazing)
Thermal transmittance
Uf≥ 1.5 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 50 dB
Continuous performance test
Mechanical performance
Requirements of Class CW / TC 2 / A fulfilled
Mechanical strength
Various window types and opening styles, opening inwards and outwards
5 glazing bead designs