Steel &
glass roofs

Aim for the very top – in terms of design and transparency with elegantly slim face widths as well as in terms of large spans and cost-effectiveness. Even roof pitches down to 0° can be implemented with rp tec systems. RP Technik’s steel & glass roof structures prove advantageous because of their ease of installation and their solid thermal insulation that helps keep operating costs low.

rp tec 50-1SG

All-glass add-on curtain wall (structural glazing)

Burglar resistance
RC 2
Structural glazing curtain wall designed as an add-on structure for steel and wooden substructures
Burglar resistance up to RC2
rp tec 55

Mullion-transom curtain wall, also suited for 0° roof glazing solutions

Resistance under wind load
+2000/-3200 Pa; Safety +3000/-4800 Pa
Air permeability
RE 1800, RE 2400 (0° roof)
Impact strength
Burglar resistance
RC 3
Thermal transmittance
Ucw ≥ 0,59 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 47 dB
Burglar resistance up to RC3
Mullion-transom curtain walls made of steel
rp tec 55-1

Add-on curtain wall of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures

Resistance under wind load
+2000/-3200 Pa; Security +3000/-4800 Pa
Air permeability
RE 1500
Impact strength
Burglar resistance
RC 3
Thermal transmittance
Ucw ≥ 0.55 W/m²K (Plus version)
Sound insulation
≤ 47 dB
Meets passive building requirements
Also suited for 0° roof glazing
rp tec 55-1SG

All-glass add-on curtain wall (structural glazing)

Burglar resistance
RC 2
Thermal transmittance
Ucw ≥ 0,84 W/m²K
Add-on curtain wall of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures
Burglar resistance up to RC2
rp tec 60

Mullion-transom curtain wall with a face width of 60 mm for large spans

Resistance under wind load
±1375 Pa / Security ±2062 Pa (facade) ±2000 Pa / Security ±3000 Pa (for 3° glass roof)
Air permeability
RE 1200
Impact strength
Thermal transmittance
Ucw ≥ 1,7 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 45 dB (vertical glazing)
Fire protection EI (partition walls)
up to EI-120
Face width of 60 mm
Also suited for 3° roof glazing
rp tec 60-1

Add-on curtain wall with 60 mm face width for passive building requirements

Resistance under wind load
+2000/-3200 Pa; Security +3000/-4800
Air permeability
Impact strength
Thermal transmittance
Ucw≥ 0,82 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 47 dB
Add-on curtain wall of mullion-transom design for steel and wooden substructures
3-level sealing system
rp tec 80-1

Add-on curtain wall with 80 mm face width for passive building requirements

Resistance under wind load
+2000/-3200 Pa; Security +3000/-4800 Pa
Air permeability
Impact strength
Thermal transmittance
Ucw ≥ 0,63 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 47 dB
Structural glazing curtain wall designed as an add-on structure for steel and wooden substructures
3-level sealing system

Reference projects


The wealth of ideas of architects, planners and building owners is reflected in our projects, at home and abroad. And the systems from RP Technik open the door for the actual implementation of these ideas: striking in design, functionality and quality. More >>

Rue de Lancry, rp fineline 70W, innen

Rue de Lancry, France

In Rue de Lancry, in the heart of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, there is a charming building …


Clemens-August-high school, Cloppenburg

The Clemens-August-high school in Cloppenburg is an outstanding example of the integration of …

Domaine Faiveley, Wine Cellar

Domaine Faiveley, France

The rp fineline 70 system was used in 2018 in the wine factory “Domaine Faiveley”, in one of the …

Rosa Bonheur,Paris Sitzbereich

Rosa Bonheur, Paris

Imagine sitting in a restaurant on a ship on the Seine in Paris, looking out through the built-in …

Schwimmbad Pantin rp fineline 70 Terrasse (2)

Swimming pool, Pantin/FR

Built in 1937, the swimming pool is one of the oldest in Île-de-France and is now a listed …

Orangerie, Greiz, rp fineline 70W exterior

Orangery, Greiz

The orangery, described by Haas Architects as “an approximation of the building’s clear, …

Zentralbibliothek München, rp hermetic 70D

Central library, Munich

The extension of the Munich Central Library, realized by meck architekten, was the winner of the …

H+S-Präzisionsfolien, Vohenstrauß, rp fineline 70W Fenster außen (2)

H+S-precision films, Vohenstrauß

Filigree rp fineline window elements as well as fire doors and partition walls of the rp hermetic …

Wiesenburg Berlin Vorhof rp fineline 70w

Wiesenburg, Berlin

The Wiesenburg in Berlin combines creativity with social responsibility. Ateliers, studios, …

Alte Likörfabrik Horn, Leipzig Eingangsbereich rp fineline 70D

Old liqueur factory,Horn

In 1934, this large, four-storey brick Gothic-style factory was built at the former headquarters of …

Free University of Berlin side view outside rp fineline 70W & rp fineline 70D

Free University, Institute of Chemistry, Berlin

Described by architect Friedhelm Nussbaum as a “treasure with a lot of charm”, the institute …

rp fineline 70W, Fenster innen Weite Ansicht

Elementary school, Frankfurt (Oder)

School? Boring? Not with RP Technik! At the listed school building of the century before last a …

Wintergarten Rp Fineline 60W Gesamtansicht

Wintergarden, France

This rp fineline 60 winter garden was the first in a long line of winter gardens that reintroduced …


Educational center castle eulenbroich, Rösrath

Owned by the city of Rösrath, the historic building from the 18th century has developed into an …

Rp Fineline 70W Detailansicht Außen

La Rue Raspail, France

After removing the former bay windows and creating a new support structure for the new rp fineline …

Eingangstür Nahaufnahme

Cultural Church St.Jakobi, „Stralsund”

First mentioned in 1303, the St. Jakobi church is now used as a cultural church. The entrances to …

Innenansicht Rp Tec 45

Poste du Louvre, Paris/FR

Originally completed in 1886, “La Poste du Louvre” was renovated in 2022 as a typical Haussmann …


Orangerie Tuin de Lage Oosterbeek /NL

This beautiful orangery invites you to relax. Here you can enjoy art just as much as a piece of …

PVG,Frankfurt Rp Fineline, Seitenansicht

Press Distribution Center, Frankfurt

“Press?- Presence?- RP Technik!” Even in the dark, light shimmers through the filigree windows. …

Waldhausklinik Berlin, rp fineline 70W

Villa Waldhaus, Berlin

Crystal clear, unobstructed and open viewing angles thanks to the particularly narrow and filigree …

Humboldtforum Frontasicht, Spree

Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Let’s enjoy together the unique sight of the Humboldt Forum with the doors and windows of the rp …

Fluentum Clayallee Berlin, Interior view terrace glazing, rp hermetic 70D

Fluentum Clayallee, Berlin

Fluentum is a non-profit platform for the production, collection and presentation of contemporary …


Herzogin Garten Dresden

The Orangerie building, which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, was rebuilt …

Energiefabrik Knappenrode rp fineline 70W 60W staircase with steel windows

Energiefabrik Knappenrode, Hoyerswerda

Even from a distance, you can see the red brick of the 100-year-old briquette factory in …

Hotel Meeresbummler Stahl-Glas System Rp Hermetic 70D Detail Vorschau

Container Hotel Meeresbummler, Markdorf

For 16 years, the freight container travelled the oceans. Now, this long-serving “ocean rover” …

Congress Center Hamburg Stahl Fenstersystem rp hermetic 70W Detail 2 Vorschau

CCH, Congress Center Hamburg

The Congress Centre in the heart of Hamburg was built in 1973. Its conversion marked the start into …

Hospital Istanbul Stahl Glas Tueren Brandschutz Detail 4 Vorschau

Altunizade Hospital Istanbul/TR

Acibadem is one of the largest international healthcare groups operating hospitals in and outside …

Villa Kimi Bloemendaal Design Stahl Fenstersystem Aussen 2 Vorschau

Villa KiMi be Overveen, Bloemendaal/NL

Delicate window elements penetrate the basic cubic structure of the revitalised villa in the trendy …

Villa Beek En Donk Design Stahl Fenstersystem Rp Fineline 70W Gesamt Vorschau

Villa in Beek en Donk/NL

Tradition and modernism successfully combined. The brick villa in the Dutch province of North …

Mann Villa Los Angeles Design Stahl Fenstersytem rp fineline 70W Innen Vorschau

Thomas Mann Villa, Los Angeles/US

The estate, which the Nobel Prize laureate for literature Thomas Mann had built in 1941/42 during …

Ericus Hamburg Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 60-1 Innen 1 Vorschau

Eiffel Building, Maastricht/NL

The former industrial complex is a national, listed building and today a place where people live …

Luebeck Gaswerk Stahlfenster System rp fineline 70W Außen2 Vorschau

Municipal utility network, Lübeck

The successful renovation of the historical building fabric has turned this city’s former gas …

Therme Bad Ems Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 50-1 Gesamt Vorschau

Wellness spa, Bad Ems

Bad Ems near Koblenz is home to one of Germany’s most modern wellness oases. Over 6,000 square …

Cube Birmingham Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1SG Dach Vorschau

The Cube, Birmingham/UK

Situated in the centre of the second largest city in the U.K., the Cube is home to shops and …

Sign Duesseldorf Pfosten Riegel Fassade rp tec 55 Gesamt 2 Vorschau

Sign!, Landmark Tower, Düsseldorf

The aesthetically attractive and functional office tower is defined by an all-glass facade …

Juedisches Museum Muenchen Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1SG Gesamt Vorschau

Jewish Museum, Munich

BC: A special architectural ensemble constitutes a distinctive part of Munich’s city centre. The …

Inselparkhalle Hamburg Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1 Eckansicht Vorschau

Inselparkhalle, Hamburg

Called Arena since 2017, the Inselparkhalle (Island Park Hall) in Hamburg’s …

Reischlhof Sperlbrunn Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1 Gesamt Vorschau

Hotel Reischlhof, Sperlbrunn

Following extensive new construction and renovation work, this 4-star superior hotel now pampers …

Fulton Metro Pfosten Riegel Fassade rp tec 45 Innen 3 Vorschau

Fulton Metro Main Station, New York/USA

It was opened with the words “Welcome to the station of the 21st century”. 9 subway lines converge …

Hotel Fishers Loft Fassadensystme rp fineline 70W rp tec 55 Blick Innenhof Vorschau

Hotel Fisher´s Loft, Lübeck

Originally built as a fish storage house, 200 years later it was converted into a vintage design …

Bregenz Festpielhaus Aufsatzfassade rp tec 50-1SG Außen Vorschau

Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria

It was all “curtains up” for the renovation, expansion, and optimisation of the Festspielhaus …

Buero Saegeling–stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1 Innen Vorschau

Saegeling office building in Heidenau

The new office building of Medizintechnik Saegeling underscores this company’s philosophy …

Badepark Waldkirchen Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 60-1 Innen Vorschau

Karoli Water Park, Waldkirchen

Water fun in daylight in any weather thanks to RP technology. The large-span roof and the …

Flughafen Hamburg Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 60-1 Dach Vorschau

Terminal 2, Hamburg airport

The shape and structure of the roof, executed using rp tec, are reminiscent of the wing of an …

Ericus Hamburg steel elevated facade Rp Tec 60 1 total night

Ericus-Contor, Hamburg

Together with the new building of the Spiegel publishing house, the Ericus-Contor forms the …

Lufthansa Frankfurt Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 55-1 Gesamtansicht Vorschau

Lufthansa Hauptverwaltung, Frankfurt

It promotes communication, offers transparency, and saves energy in a unique way – the Lufthansa …


Digitales Zentrum Schwaben

The newly established Zentrum Allgäu Digital in Kempten offers fledgling entrepreneurs plenty of …

Hotel Montabauer–glasdach rp tec 55-1 Aussenansicht Vorschau

Hotel Schloss Montabaur

Based on the rp tec steel & glass roof system from RP Technik, the new barrel-shaped roof creates a …

Therme Euskirchen rp tec 50-1 Aufsatzfassade Palmenparadies Vorschau

Badewelt Euskirchen

A unique, generously dimensioned glass roof creates a natural feel-good atmosphere with a tropical …

Hotel Barefoot Stahlfenstersystem rp fineline 70W Totale Vorschau

Hotel Barefoot, Timmendorfer Strand

One of the oldest buildings in the Bay of Lübeck was converted into a modern hotel. There, the rp …

Balna Center Ganzglas Fassadensystem rp tec 50-1SG Front Vorschau

Balna Center, Budapest/HU

Situated directly on the bank of the River Danube, the Balna Shopping and Cultural Centre …

Vaughan Subway Aufsatzfassade Rp Tec Linke Ansicht

Subway Station, Vaughan/CAN

Large-area glass elements allow more daylight to enter and suffuse the lower level platforms. A …

rp fineline


Delicate, thermally insulated steel windows, doors, and partition walls featuring very slim face widths.

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rp tec


Flexible mullion-transom curtain walls, add-on curtain walls and roof glazing systems made of steel.

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