rp fineline

Featuring extremely slim face widths, rp fineline paves the way for forward-looking design solutions for windows, doors and partition walls made of steel. This profile system sets standards for both architecturally ambitious new building projects and renovations subject to monument preservation requirements. The focus of rp fineline is on combining designing possibilities with good processability and cost effectiveness. For example, rp fineline 70 glazing bead designs can be executed with identical contours for both windows and doors, thus giving the elements a uniform appearance in the entire building project. On top of that, the thermally insulated system is the only narrow steel system worldwide that permits the tool-free installation of glazing beads throughout – and thus makes processing more economical.

Extremely slim face widths

Extremely slim face widths for architecturally ambitious projects.

Renovation and revitalisation

Ideal for renovation and revitalisation projects subject to stringent monument preservation requirements.


Experience the processing advantages of rp fineline in the workshop! Because the diverse design options can always be realized with efficient processing, e.g. with clipped glazing beads or plugged seals. In this way, rp fineline also sets standards in processing. Discover our “workshop practice” videos!

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Design is a question of attitude, of first impressions and long-term relationships. Following this idea, the design handle lines by RP Technik convince with a pure appearance and ergonomic handling. As an interface between windows and doors made of steel and the people who grasp them.

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Rue de Lancry, rp fineline 70W, innen

Rue de Lancry, France

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Domaine Faiveley, Wine Cellar

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Rosa Bonheur,Paris Sitzbereich

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Schwimmbad Pantin rp fineline 70 Terrasse (2)

Swimming pool, Pantin/FR

Built in 1937, the swimming pool is one of the oldest in Île-de-France and is now a listed …

Orangerie, Greiz, rp fineline 70W exterior

Orangery, Greiz

The orangery, described by Haas Architects as “an approximation of the building’s clear, …

H+S-Präzisionsfolien, Vohenstrauß, rp fineline 70W Fenster außen (2)

H+S-precision films, Vohenstrauß

Filigree rp fineline window elements as well as fire doors and partition walls of the rp hermetic …

Wiesenburg Berlin Vorhof rp fineline 70w

Wiesenburg, Berlin

The Wiesenburg in Berlin combines creativity with social responsibility. Ateliers, studios, …

Alte Likörfabrik Horn, Leipzig Eingangsbereich rp fineline 70D

Old liqueur factory,Horn

In 1934, this large, four-storey brick Gothic-style factory was built at the former headquarters of …

rp fineline 70W, Fenster innen Weite Ansicht

Elementary school, Frankfurt (Oder)

School? Boring? Not with RP Technik! At the listed school building of the century before last a …

Wintergarten Rp Fineline 60W Gesamtansicht

Wintergarden, France

This rp fineline 60 winter garden was the first in a long line of winter gardens that reintroduced …

Rp Fineline 70W Detailansicht Außen

La Rue Raspail, France

After removing the former bay windows and creating a new support structure for the new rp fineline …


Orangerie Tuin de Lage Oosterbeek /NL

This beautiful orangery invites you to relax. Here you can enjoy art just as much as a piece of …

PVG,Frankfurt Rp Fineline, Seitenansicht

Press Distribution Center, Frankfurt

“Press?- Presence?- RP Technik!” Even in the dark, light shimmers through the filigree windows. …

Waldhausklinik Berlin, rp fineline 70W

Villa Waldhaus, Berlin

Crystal clear, unobstructed and open viewing angles thanks to the particularly narrow and filigree …


Herzogin Garten Dresden

The Orangerie building, which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, was rebuilt …

Energiefabrik Knappenrode rp fineline 70W 60W staircase with steel windows

Energiefabrik Knappenrode, Hoyerswerda

Even from a distance, you can see the red brick of the 100-year-old briquette factory in …

Villa Kimi Bloemendaal Design Stahl Fenstersystem Aussen 2 Vorschau

Villa KiMi be Overveen, Bloemendaal/NL

Delicate window elements penetrate the basic cubic structure of the revitalised villa in the trendy …

Villa Beek En Donk Design Stahl Fenstersystem Rp Fineline 70W Gesamt Vorschau

Villa in Beek en Donk/NL

Tradition and modernism successfully combined. The brick villa in the Dutch province of North …

Mann Villa Los Angeles Design Stahl Fenstersytem rp fineline 70W Innen Vorschau

Thomas Mann Villa, Los Angeles/US

The estate, which the Nobel Prize laureate for literature Thomas Mann had built in 1941/42 during …

Ericus Hamburg Stahl Aufsatzfassade rp tec 60-1 Innen 1 Vorschau

Eiffel Building, Maastricht/NL

The former industrial complex is a national, listed building and today a place where people live …

Luebeck Gaswerk Stahlfenster System rp fineline 70W Außen2 Vorschau

Municipal utility network, Lübeck

The successful renovation of the historical building fabric has turned this city’s former gas …


Digitales Zentrum Schwaben

The newly established Zentrum Allgäu Digital in Kempten offers fledgling entrepreneurs plenty of …

Hotel Barefoot Stahlfenstersystem rp fineline 70W Totale Vorschau

Hotel Barefoot, Timmendorfer Strand

One of the oldest buildings in the Bay of Lübeck was converted into a modern hotel. There, the rp …


rp fineline 70W

Extremely slim steel window and partition wall design system

Resistance under wind load
≤C5 / B5
Air permeability
Impact strength
Burglar resistance
RC2 (turn/tilt, fixed glazing)
Thermal transmittance
Uf≥ 1.5 W/m²K
Sound insulation
≤ 50 dB
Continuous performance test
Mechanical performance
Requirements of Class CW / TC 2 / A fulfilled
Mechanical strength
Various window types and opening styles, opening inwards and outwards
5 glazing bead designs
rp fineline 70D

Extremely slim steel door system (thermally insulated)

Resistance under wind load
≤C3 / B3
Air permeability
Thermal transmittance
Uf≥ 1.7 W/m²K
3 design variants for lock case integration
5 glazing bead designs
rp fineline 60W

Extremely slim steel window and partition wall design system (non-insulated)

Resistance under wind load
Air permeability
Extremely slim face width of 36 mm
Also ideal for the renovation of listed buildings
rp fineline 50S

Slim system for non-insulated sliding elements

Resistance under wind load
Air permeability
Extremely slim face width of 47 mm in the double casement area
Also ideal for renovating listed buildings