RP-tec 60-1

Variety with an appealing design

System description:

  • Variable add-on curtain wall system with an elevation width of 60 mm
  • Vertical and polygonal curtain walls and roof glazing with roof inclination of 0°
  • Heated curtain walls
  • Advanced connection techniques
  • Thermal transmission coefficient (Uf) of 0,7 W/m2K, meets Passive House standards
  • VI-plus Panel as innovative insulating element
  • Modular system structure for greater ease of use
  • 3-Level gasket system
  • Nail fastening system
  • Hilti sheet metal nail technology
  • Screw-connection
  • MAG plug welding
  • Optional glazing with RP-tec VARIO possible

Certified system properties:

RP-tec 60-1
RP-tec 60-1
  • Wind load
  • Air permeability
  • Rain permeability
  • Impact resistance
  • Sound insulation





References curtain wall systems: