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rp hermetic 55FP-60

rp hermetic 55FP-60

Non-insulated steel door profile system and steel & glass partition wall system for fire protection doors and partition walls of steel or stainless steel in compliance with classifications E60/EW60. This well-thought-out modular system features spot-on protective functions and a uniform appearance across all elements of a project. This is accomplished by equipping the basic profile of the rp hermetic 55D door series as required for compliance with different fire and smoke protection standards.

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Planning advantages

  • Non-insulated steel profile system for fire protection doors and partition walls
  • Made of steel or stainless steel
  • Uniform overall appearance ensured by using series profiles also for fire and smoke protection doors
  • Same appearance as rp hermetic 55W (windows) and rp hermetic 55D (doors)
  • Compared to other materials, steel offers the advantage of a planar, elegant mitre due to seamless transitions at the profile joints
  • Compatible with other RP Technik window, door and curtain wall systems