Fire-protection systems

RP Technik Fire- and Smoke protection systems are effective, smart and design oriented!
  • modular building set, one profile for all classifications EI30,60 and 90 due to application of variable isolators
  • profiles are pre-assembled (with isolators) available, or without
  • pre-assembled isolators for the lock section
  • same face width for doors and partition walls

Our Fire proteciton systems:

  • RP-hermetic 50 E(W) 30-120
  • RP-hermetic FINELINE E(W) 30
  • RP-hermetic 55N FP E(W) 30-60
  • RP-ISO-hermetic 70 FP EI 30
  • RP-ISO-hermetic 70 FP EI 60 / EI 90
  • RP-ISO-hermetic EI 30 - EI 120

Find out more about RP Technik Fire and smoke protection systems, here you will find the following file to download:

  • Flyer Fire protection systems

 All our CAD-data and technical documentation can be found in our  >Download Center.