Sign!, Landmark Tower, Düsseldorf

All-glass landmark

The aesthetically attractive and functional office tower is defined by an all-glass facade consisting of around 1,500 room-height elements. This makes the 76-metre high building an eye-catching landmark of Düsseldorf's Media Harbour. Its mullion-and-transom curtain wall system including a fall prevention system and flaps for natural ventilation of the lower office floors was supplied by RP Technik.


rp tec 55 EI30 mullion-transom curtain wall with a fall prevention system (project-specific approval)
Murphy/Jahn Architekten, Berlin
Frankonia Eurobau Düsseldorf Hafen-Office GmbH
Fenster-Keller GmbH & Co., Neuenstein
Sign Duesseldorf Pfosten Riegel Fassade Rp Tec 55 Schnitt